Clinicians of the Diaspora, LLC




lives touched through our services

We have worked with so many lovely humans providing individualized therapeutic and processing services. We host individual sessions, groups and professional development workshops.



clinicians we have impacted

Through the many conferences, workshops and groups we have presented at and developed. Clinicians of the Diaspora has presented at the 5th Annual School Social Work conference at Columbia University and have the pleasure of presenting at the 8th Annual International Social Work Conference in York, England.



Thousand lives impacted

Each time you come into another persons life and remind them of their purpose, they change the people around them. Let’s change the world one person at a time.


Stay Woke!!

I never had a moment of realizations about my blackness- I just was. Blackness was a central thread of my experience as a child and as an adolescent, as it is now that I am an adult.

Angela Rye


I celebrate my blackness. I love the artistic vibrancy of the culture I was born to.

Jesmyn Ward