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Health disparities are a pervasive and disheartening reality faced by many people of color (PoC). 30.6 % of the U.S. population identify as belonging to African Diasporic ethnicities. Within that group, 31% have had a mental illness diagnosis in the last year, which accounts for approximately 15.4 millions individuals.

Recent research indicates that non-PoC providers self-reported that they believe that 51% of their patients of color do not adhere to medical treatment as a result of cultural or linguistic barriers.

Further, 56% reported having completed no cultural competency training. Clinicians of the Diaspora works to absolve those disparities of experience and care by providing people of color the choice to be healed within culturally- and identity-congruent services. Access to care that affirms, supports, and that is informed by and respectful of ones culture, religion, identity and language is a right. Our vision is a world where people of color can freely access healing services from people of color.


To inspire healthier communities of color by providing therapeutic and comprehensive development services to individuals, families and the institutions that serve them.


Here at Clinicians of the Diaspora, our commitment to people of color expands beyond the natural constraints of a typical psychotherapy collective. We go above and beyond by providing culturally enriched trainings, workshops that help to both highlight and advocate for services necessary for people of color and facilitate cultural and identity informed clinical supervision to rising professionals.

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